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Introduction to the Dreamer’s Folly

Is this game for real? This is the introduction to the first in a series of very real games. Life is a game in many ways, yet it is very serious at the same time. So is the Dreamer’s Folly. It’s a game but it is very serious if you sincerely want to save the world. […]

Introduction to the Thief’s Paradox

Who you calling a thief? You are a thief whether you admit it or not! You are a thief if you know it or not! What is a thief? A thief is someone who takes something that does not belong to them. Well, we are swallowing so much of the world’s resources that the future […]

Dreamer’s Folly

Are you a dreamer? We are all dreamers. We dream all the time — waking and sleeping. To dream is to live. To live is to make your dreams come true. We do the best we can, but in today’s crazy world is it enough? For far too many people sadly it is not. The […]

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We need to organize!

In order to get what we want out of life, we have to organize. Most of what we want for ourselves, we want for our family as well. We want and need the same things. We want to grow and develop, earn a living and prosper. We want to love and be loved, to respect […]

The One World Club

The One World Club is not about politics. It is all about coming together for the greater good, unless you’re a monster, of course. If you’re a monster you are in it for yourself. The club is a virtual universe for us to learn, to share, to grow: to learn about the keys to life […]

I am a World Citizen

To be a world citizen is to understand that every person on this planet is a human being deserving of the same rights and responsibilities. It means you recognize that we are one in our humanity and that we are all human beings. A world citizen is a fully engaged and committed citizen of the […]